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MetaPart is a library that addresses the challenge of (dynamic) load balancing for emerging complex parallel simulations, such as multi-physics or multi-scale coupling applications. First, it offers a uniform API over state-of-the-art (hyper-) graph partitioning software packages such as Metis, Scotch, Kahip, Zoltan, Patoh, Mondriaan, … Based upon this API, it provides a framework that facilitates the development and the evaluation of high-level partitioning methods, such as MxN repartitioning or coupling-aware partitioning (co-partitioning).

  • A k-way Greedy Graph Partitioning with Initial Fixed Vertices for Parallel Applications. Maria Predari, Aurélien Esnard. PDP 2016.
  • Coupling-Aware Graph Partitioning Algorithms: Preliminary Study. Maria Predari, Aurélien Esnard. HIPC 2014.
  • Graph Repartitioning with both Dynamic Load and Dynamic Processor Allocation. Clément Vuchener, Aurélien Esnard. ParCo 2013.
  • Dynamic Load-Balancing with Variable Number of Processors based on Graph Repartitioning. Clément Vuchener, Aurélien Esnard. HIPC 2012.

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